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Meteorite water. Learn from the experience

Meteorite water. Learn from the experience

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What would you do if it rained blue water from space? On March 22, 1998, no umbrella was needed, as the blue water came along with a rocky meteorite that landed in Monahans, Texas.

The fall of the meteorite was sighted by several boys, and was carefully monitored by NASA scientists for 72 hours. The researchers discovered an unusual spot of salt crystals on its surface, which had turned blue due to space radiation. Inside the salt crystals was an even greater surprise, small drops of water.

One of these drops of water can be seen in the center of the photograph. Water is the fundamental factor for life, and this drop is probably 4.5 billion years old, that is, it comes from the beginning of the solar system.

What did the boys do with the meteorite? First they lent it to NASA for study. Later they sold it on the internet.

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