Mars exploration history

Mars exploration history

Since the telescope was invented in 1600, man has had a goal in Mars exploration.

And it is that the red planet has generated a strong attraction for humanity. It is the closest to Earth, and perhaps that is why there are many who are interested in this planet.

The technology incorporated into interplanetary travel is very complicated, so a high failure rate has been experienced in Mars exploration, especially in the first attempts. However, there have also been great successes since the surface of the red planet was first reached in 1971.

Throughout these years of planetary exploration and research, significant progress has been achieved. Today we have a lot of information about Mars. Research on its geology, climatic conditions and atmospheric composition has been investigated. We have images that show, in great detail, the Martian surface.

All this brings us closer to understanding the mysteries of the Martian system, focusing mainly on its terrain and its potential habitability.

However, there is still a long way to go to explore Mars and much to discover about this beautiful and nearby planet.

In this chapter on Martian research ...

In this chapter:

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