The background of the Universe. Black holes, deep space

The background of the Universe. Black holes, deep space

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The Hubble Space Telescope shows the deepest portrait of the visible universe ever obtained by Humanity. This has received the name of Hubble Ultra Deep Field and for its realization an exhibition of more than one million seconds has been used, which has constituted 400 orbits of the space telescope around the Earth. The image reveals the first galaxies that emerged from the so-called "dark ages", the bodies that began to heat the cold and dark Universe shortly after the Big Bang.

There are many galaxies that made up the Universe when it was younger and chaotic. The blue and green colors correspond to those colors visible by the human eye, such as young, blue and hot stars or the brightness of solar-type stars in the spiral arms of the galaxies. Red represents objects visible in infrared radiation, such as galaxies surrounded by clouds of dust.

It is estimated that the Ultra Deep Field contains about 10,000 galaxies. In the images obtained by telescopes located on Earth the celestial field in which these galaxies are found is seen as a vacuum. The studied area is only one tenth of the angular diameter of the full moon and is located in the constellation Fornax, a region located south of the constellation Orion.

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