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Planet Earth. The Earth, the Moon and Mars

Planet Earth. The Earth, the Moon and Mars

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The Earth, our planet, is the third from the Sun and the fifth in terms of the size of the nine major planets. The average distance from Earth to the Sun is 149. 503. 000 km. It is the only known planet that has life, although some of the other planets have atmospheres and contain water.

The Earth revolves around the Sun in a slightly eccentric orbit. The plane of this orbit is taken as a reference to measure the inclinations of the orbital planes of the other planets which, with the exception of Pluto, separate into a few degrees or fractions with respect to it. The Earth uses 365, 256 days to make a complete turn around the Sun, moving at a speed of 29, 79 km / s along its orbit. Our planet also has a movement of revolution around its own axis that takes place in 24 hours (solar day).

The Earth is not a perfect sphere, but has a pear shape. Calculations based on disturbances of the orbits of artificial satellites reveal that the Earth is an imperfect sphere because the equator is thickened 21 km; the north pole is dilated 10 m and the south pole is sunk about 31 meters.

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