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Solar eclipse. The solar system with the naked eye

Solar eclipse. The solar system with the naked eye

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In the image we see a partial solar eclipse through a protection filter. It is another phenomenon of the Solar System that we can enjoy with the naked eye, but never with the naked eye.

Looking at an unprotected solar eclipse, even if only for a moment, can cause severe damage to the retina, temporary or permanent. Nor do x-rays, negatives, sunglasses or other popular "remedies". The lesion that the high intensity of light and radiation produces in the eye is painless and we may not realize until hours later, when it has no solution.

Also if we use a telescope, a filter must be implanted at the outer end of the tube and secured so that it does not move during observation. Another possibility is to project the image on a white sheet with a magnifying glass, although it is not so spectacular.

A solar eclipse occurs every time the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth in the same ecliptic plane. Throughout the year we can see several partial solar eclipses. Total solar eclipses are less frequent.

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