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Apenninus mountains. The moon satellite

Apenninus mountains. The moon satellite

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The Apenninus Mountains are a prominent mountain range located in the northern hemisphere of the Moon. This great mountain range borders the southern part of the Mare Imbrium, while in the north it forms a border with the northern regions of Terra Nivium. The Apenninus mountains start at the Eratosthenes crater, and end at the Promontorium Fresnel.

The Latin scientific name of this lunar mountain range, Apenninus, refers to the Apennine Mountains, located in Italy. It is one of the most important mountain ranges of the satellite, and is located in the northern part of the visible face of the Moon. It has an extension of 600 kilometers in length, and houses peaks that can exceed 5,000 meters in height.

Some of its most striking peaks are that of Mount Bradley and that of Mount Hadley Delta. In the latter, which is 3,666 meters high, the Apollo XV manned American ship landed in 1971.

From the Earth, and with a good telescope, you can clearly see the irregularities of the Apenninus terrain. Its mountains cast great shadows to the right side of the lunar surface. Very close to the Apenninus mountains is an area called Sinus Lunicus or Luna Bay. It was right at this point that the first probe that reached the lunar surface descended. It was the Russian Lunik probe, and it was the year 1959.

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