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Twister. Earth's atmosphere

Twister. Earth's atmosphere

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The great storms of the Earth can engender strange clouds, small but violent, known as tornadoes. Tornado clouds spin at hundreds of kilometers per hour, and when they reach the ground they are able to destroy almost everything in their path, leaving a long and narrow trail of destruction.

Some tornadoes last only a few minutes, but the largest and most dangerous can withstand hours. The photograph, although somewhat out of focus, shows a cloud in a downward direction that runs into a lamppost. If this is so, although it is a controversial interpretation, this photograph would be one of the few that clearly indicates the distance to the funnel-shaped cloud.

The image tornado performed in 1981 in Dallas, Texas, USA. Tornadoes occur throughout the Earth, but are more frequent in some central areas of North America in spring. There are many things about tornadoes that are still being studied, such as predicting their occurrence.

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